70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Re: That must be a fake

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I hope that is not the real FE 70-200. There is no advantage over a small DSLR.

How do you propose that they make a smaller 70-200mm f4 internal zoom?

Canon and nikon are smaller. Check diameters and see it could be smaller.

Totally insignificant differences.

A small difference in diameter equates to a larger difference in size due the nature of diameter vs. 3 dimensions. So could the Sony be smaller, yes. What is more significant is the focus ability of a DSLR over the A6000 which is either close to or behind the Nikon 1. The Nikon 1 is a step behind DSLRs. I advocate keeping a NEX 6 or 7 or A6000, but don't spend $1500 on this lens. Get a manual focus lens or get a DSLR and 70-200mm lens.

So you advice to buy a DSLR (for about $549 in the gear shop, Canon Rebel T5) and the 70-200mm f4 ($1349), making a total of allmost $1900? Not everybody has that kind of money and not everybody want to take two cameras with them when going out on a footoshoot.

I advise buying a T3i and 70-200mm non-IS lens 70-200 f/4 for $300 less than than  theSony lens.  A used IS lens would be another option.  Both options would yield significantly better results IMHO.  Plus you would have money left over to buy an EOS adpapter and you can keep the smaller camera too.

Post this question in the open forum to be fair if you wish and we can see what everyone says.

There will be na thousand different answers there, just like here

Most would be the DSLR would yield beter results, but I am open.  Post the question and let's see.

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