Considering K3. Need your advice.

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Re: Considering K3. Need your advice.

fakuryu wrote:

JimBim wrote:

I'm on a crossroad. This year my K20 is celebrating 6 year birthday. I'm looking for a replacement. Considering K3, but some members of this forum returned one because of some issues. I would like to hear from you who own K3 what is your experience, what pros and cons. I use my camera for indoor events (dog shows mainly) and travel. Your oppinion and advise is important form me!


I don't have a long term experience with the K3 but from with my little time with it, it is an awesome camera like it's predecessors and I never did experience any of the issues being reported.

If AF-C is not an issue for you, the K5II/s is a logical alternative since it is as good as the K3 in AF-S and 16mp is plenty as well.

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One caveat to that K-5II/s. After I got used to my K-3 (and prices on the K-5IIs dropped to a point I was willing to pay), I bought one of those, as well. I hadn't used my regular K-5 since I got my K-3, so I wasn't used to the buffer on the K-5 any more (I don't know where I put it right now, so maybe it's faster?). At any rate, I can shoot half a dozen pics with the K-3 and the buffer's done faster than if I take just ONE shot with my K-5IIs. It's really AMAZING how much faster things are. Part of this may be the faster card read/write speed, since the K-3 reader is UHS-1 compatible. The card I'm using in the K-5IIs isn't quite as fast as the ones in the K-3, but it's still faster than what the K-5IIs is rated at, so that shouldn't be an issue (it's a UHS-1 card rated at 45 MBPS -- the two cards in the K-3 are rated at 94 MBPS for the card that's writing RAW files and 80 MBPS for the card that's writing JPEG -- the one card in the K-5IIs is, of course, writing BOTH formats, to the same card).

Your mileage may vary.

I've not had ANY of the issues reported for the K-3, either. However I've also not tried the time-lapse feature one poster repeated had failure with. I DO plan to try some time-lapse shooting at some point, so undoubtedly I will. IF I have issues with it on the K-3, however, I DO have the K-5IIs, so I'll just go that route. All the same, if that feature DOESN'T work on the K-3, across the board, that's a manufacturing defect that should be fixed by either a firmware update or a recall.

As for the AF/C being the ONLY reason to have the K-3 over the K-5II/s (other than the faster buffer I just mentioned), I can think of a few others... It will focus in lower light, not only meter in lower light. It has THREE F 2.8 meters near the center, vs. ONE in the K-5II/s... There are other things, too. I just can't name them all off the top of my head. You may want to look at the specs and features of both and compare them, as well.


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