Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

David Whysong wrote:

HSway wrote:

58/1.4G is optimized for night to give pleasing results when shooting points of light. It has very low vignetting wide open and is corrected for coma. I imagine for this type of images the sharpness can be relatively lower as it’s perceived differently. And I guess that they also used the lower (but even) sharpness at f1.4 - f2 to support the goal of achieving a pleasant rendering points of light reducing the imperfections.

It's not optimized for point-sources in the plane of focus, as that would produce a result like the Sigma or Zeiss. Based on viewing images and reading the translated interview linked in another post on this thread, it appears that it is optimized to maintain a similar radial brightness profile in the blur circle as distance from the focal plane varies.

H. Sato: 'The 58/1.4G was specially designed to combat coma flare wide open.'

"Outstanding reproduction capability of point light sources located at infinity even at the maximum aperture."

Notice, the "located at infinity" which may not pan out in room/lab ranges, I can speculate.

He also notably mentions better coma performance than the Noct wide open, and sharpness "even at distances". Perhaps the gain in resolution is especially at distances; that's more a question for users of these lenses.

I remember comparison to 50/1.4G here and the poster found the 58 slightly better - 50/1.4G’ f2.8 about equal to f2 on the 58. He also found 85/1.4G doing very well only with slight effects in extremes corners at f1.4.

I checked the data for vignetting over at dxomark and see that Sigma is virtually where the 58/1.4G is. Samples of coma shot at lenstip already suggest actually superior control in the Sigma lens. We can speculate the distance having an affect on the results as well and in that case that is another reason to see more samples from the field like the stars or simpler, night scenes of a town or Cities with lights.

As for the Sigma, I said this before, their designers seem incredibly focused (aspiring) with their work, and their Art products feel very genuine in efforts and towards the users.

Other distinct differences in design of the two (or three) are still obvious, though.

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