A credible FF rumor???

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Re: A credible FF rumor??? logically

ImageAmateur wrote:

sgtsween wrote:

Apparently a French mag called Chasseur D'images has stated that a Pentax FF will be announced at Photokina 2014. Also (apparently) it's a pretty reputable magazine, so who knows. My fingers are still crossed.

No one will have any idea of accuracy of the rumour.

However, logically, I think one can certainly expect a FF Pentax in the next year or two. Pentax has a wonderful, likely the best, APS-C system.

However, to remain viable with the likes of Sony producing FF for reasonable prices (and don't underestimate the A7/ A7r, which has gained many fans quickly), a Pentax FF must be on the cards.

Surely Ricoh did not buy Pentax to play around. They likely intend to grab market share and earnings.

The only thing is, yes, they have a plethora of MF primes available, but a few releases of AF Primes must be on the cards too, say a 21mm 2.8, a 35mm 1.8 or 2.8, a 50mm 2.8 and a 85mm f2 or such.

They do not need 1.4, if their strength is weather sealing and build quality.

Compete where your strength is, not run with the crowd.

So, a weather sealed line for FF like 21mm 2.8, 35mm 2.8, 50mm f2 and 85mmf2, to start, will go a long way to getting them 'out there'.

Those are the four lenses that they must have available with the new camera when it is released. Those AF lenses along with all of the MF primes will give a large lens option for buyers.

So, that will take time, they have had some since Ricoh bough Pentax.

It will come, probably.

Also, with no VR needed in the lenses, that will offset the cost of the better optics (compared to other 'standard' offerings) and weather sealing, so the prices should be competitive with Nikon and Canon FF.

And with Pentax sensor / processing, the FF should be very good at high ISO available light as well.

I believe that Ricoh will compete, just a matter of how soon.

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Wishing You Good Light.


Also, when I first got back into SLR buying the K-5 in July 2011, the first page or two of ALL the B&H and Adorama Ads in ALL the photo Mags always had the K-5 listed along with the current top APS-C cameras by Nikon and Canon, plus whatever else was deemed top-of-the-line at the time. It was that way for at least a year or so after that, then suddenly Pentax DSLRs just DISAPPEARED from ALL the B&H and Adorama ad pages, period! B&H still has the same small section with the lenses and accessories it always had, but it's impossible to find ANY of the DSLRs listed, even though Ricoh has brought out the improved K-5IIs, the K-30 and K-50/500 and the HIGHLY-LAUDED K-3.

The ONLY reason I can find for this is that SONY has FIERCELY ATTACKED the market during that same period with both impressive APS-C offerings and, particularly, a few FF cameras -- one of which was just named Popular Photography's DSLR of the year. In effect, Sony's DSLRs and and ILCs have taken the place of Pentax's, both in market share and in their place in the ads run by the two big online retailers in the photo mags (I subscribe to three and buy at least two more each month, so I see A LOT of ads, and I read them more closely than the articles).

As great as the K-3 is, I simply think Ricoh/Pentax stands NO CHANCE of getting back into "the running" of being taken seriously enough to have a place in those ads (and maybe more third-party lens support by the likes of Sigma and Tamron) WITHOUT the release of a decent FF camera. Of course there has to be enough of a market for it to make it worthwhile to do the R&D and at least one production run, or it could backfire for Ricoh, both financially and from a PR standpoint. But I think there's enough interest in FF just among Pentax shooters it could do OK.

I certainly AGREE, also, that there need to be at least a half dozen decent FF Pentax lenses to go with such a camera when it comes out, so they need to come out before it, or simultaneously.


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