70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Re: 70-200mm F4 on A6000

RonFrank wrote:

There comes a time when a heavier camera is an advantage, and that is when you attach a huge lens to the camera. A 70-200mm f4 is not massive but it is heavy and long enough to where you really want a sturdy body and a mount designed to handle the weight. The A6000 is not the perfect solution.

In fact I think this is not 100% true. When handling my 70-400mm G on my A700 I balance the camera/lens combination by holding the lens in my left hand and the camera in the right. The lens (esp. zoomed in at 400mm) is long and heavy. When you use a tripod there is no reason to have a large and heavy camera at all... Hand holding the combination is handled mostly by the lens, even with my A700

The A6000 is a great body especially for mounting a 16-50mm, 55-210mm or 35mm lens and running around a park. But if you need to shoot a lens that weighs close to 2bs the idea of weight savings kinda goes out the window. Size is also a factor and at almost 7" without a hood (the hood is kinda necessary unless shooting indoors) a larger body keeps the lens balanced.

The problem is that not everybosdy is willing to take twop cameras out especialy when one of them is large and heavy. So the A6000 gives you the choice of going very small (with the pancake lenses) larger (with the normal lenses) or large (with the 70-200mm) no other DSLR system gives you that!

There are photo applications that require beefy lenses and there is nothing wrong with that. One thing I find annoying about these forums is all the Sony bigots, or Nikon bigots, or Canon fanboys.... Cameras are tools and it is not unheard of for people to own different types for different applications.

Very true!

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