Street and Casual photography: A6000 or A7

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Re: Street and Casual photography: A6000 or A7

Jabba23 wrote:

I'm not sure what sort of streets you are on that are deathly quiet that a camera shutter becomes an issue.
Currently in China and you get bombarded with noise everywhere you go also everyone here is taking photos so no one bats an eyelid if you take a photo of something or of them.
Using a Sony a7 and have a NEX 5n and either one will do the trick, noisy shutter or no. The best thing really is to try and use either camera and see which of the 2 you feel most comfortable with as all of us here have differing opinions and usage styles.
Darren Krusi

I went for two walks today, the first I took the A7 and kit lens.....anyone within a fairly decent radius would have known I was taking a photo.

Later, with the Panasonic GX7 in silent mode with the screen titled back a little, I took over two hundred photos of people walking towards me and not one of them knew it.      I was testing the tracking auto focus of both (both are MUCH better than most people would think as far as AF and tracking goes).

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