Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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It's a really tough market out there for camera manufacturers

roustabout66 wrote:
Based upon the losses in the camera division at Sony, it would seem that few people have any experience with Sony's current cameras. I would be more concerned with Sony dropping out of the camera market than Canon responding to any Sony camera.

Agree. We photographers really benefit from healthy survival-of-the-fittest competition.

It was great when Canon came out with the super-for-the-time 5d-Classic, then Nikon briefly leap-frogged that with the D700, and then Canon pounded Nikon with the 5d2. Then Nikon/Sony leap-frogged with the D800, and then .... ???

So far, the USA market for mirror-less is much less than expected. In the short term, we benefit from fire-sales on the Nikon One System and EOS-M that haven't caught on, but that's not sustainable.

FWIW: we don't want a situation like desktop CPU's, with AMD less and less relevant. It was great when AMD was pushing Intel hard, but that's been 5+ years.

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