a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: Question for everyone about JPEG image quality

jackdan wrote:

Her s110 has the contrast turned up 1of 2 notches, and sharpness up max at 2 notches. The other settings are at neutral.

She uses curves to increase contrast more as needed and to increase detail in highlights/shadows if needed and does some trial and error tweaks of the curve. She sharpens more with unsharp mask. Keep in mind that she doesn't print anything larger than 8 x10 and puts a lot of photos on Facebook, although she has a very nice 20 inch photo of the NYC skyline at night that was taken handheld.

It depends on how Icontrast is set in the menu, if it is ON or AUTO it will preserve the highlights and lift the shadows, in that case you will usually have to add a bit more contrast, I usually add +1.  If Icontrast is OFF then it should have plenty of contrast OOC.


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