Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

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Re: Renting FX camera as a trial run: D4s vs D800E vs Df?

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No gain with the D4s over the Df for low light shooting. The D800e will also provide comparable autofocus and the images are remarkably clean at ISO 6400 which is more than you actually will need as stage lighting is actually very bright - just set the exposures using manual mode.

When I first got my D800e one of the first things I did was test it be photographing light and dark skinned people under 3200-3400K lighting at ISO settings from 3200 up to 6400. I was surprised to see that at ISO 6400 there was less noise than with my D3 at that setting. The noise was there but it was so slight that it could easily be fixed in post processing.

The D4s will autofocus faster than the other two cameras but for theater or event shooting such as you plan to do it will not provide any real benefits. On the other hand with Nikon pro cameras the faster the fps capabilities of the camera the louder the shutter release will be. Live mode will help in this area though awkward to use in an event setting.

For fast low light autofocus and a much quieter shutter even in normal mode I like the D7100.

I disagree- The Df autofocus in low-light is trash compared to a D4s. I sent my Df back and bought a D4s basically because I wanted better autofocus.

I would definitely be curious to have them side x side and see what the difference in AF speed and accuracy would be. What kind of "low-light" conditions did you try that you were dissatisfied with the Df?

I'm curious since the lighting at the venues will be extremely variable, which is why I was looking for good AF low-light performance to have if I needed it. When all the stage lighting is going full bore I doubt I'll be that concerned, but for those dim conditions I'll still want to be able to get good shots...

The best example of where the Df let me down was I was using AF-C dynamic 9 to attempt to lock onto a friends eyes.  Fleeting moment kinda thing- I couldn't stop and put it in AF-C or AF-S single point. It was just after noon adjacent to the pacific ocean, not a cloud in they sky. Her eyes and face were in shadow- from her own hair.. She was side-lit. That damned Df couldn't differentiate the eyes from her fair skin from 6' away w/ a 58mm at f/4. The lens hunted and pecked to no avail.  Finally, moment lost, I switched to AF-S Single-point, wrecked the composition and was able to lock onto the iris w/ the center-most AF point. Locking onto faces proved very very frustrating for me in anything but full-frontal light with non-squinting eyes.

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