a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: Not what the OP asked.

Craig Gillette wrote:

The OP was interested in IQ, not time to take a picture. There may be feature sets or functions that one or the other does better but no one could seriously argue that "Dslrs have better IQ than mirrorless cameras." That was his question.

If the image is washed out, then the IQ is pretty poor, and in that case (i.e., a rapidly developing scene) then the image quality of the dSLR very well might be better. I definitely missed a few shots figuring that out. And shutter lag isn't about time to get the photo as much as getting the photo you want, which might not be a measurable aspect of image quality, but if you have captured the moment after the decisive moment because of the gear, it's probably something the OP would be interested in, even if it wasn't explicitly part of the question.

How about this though: if all you're shooting is studio still lifes, then the dslr and the mirrorless would be functionally equal, except that the mirrorless might be easier to use.

As it is, it's likely that many dslr users who are switching to or adding smaller mirrorless cameras to their "kits" do so because under a wide set of scenarios, they don't need the weight and bulk of a multi-lens dslr kit.

Probably. That's what we just did (added the Nex to two dslrs and a compact).

A beginner might be just as well served with either dslrs or mirrorless cameras depending on the types of photography they might be interested in.

That's probably true too. I'd go a step further, and opine that many, or even most, beginners really won't be in a position to make an informed decision. Some will -- like where we get a question about someone who wants to shoot their child's sports, or wildlife, or whatever.

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