What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

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ML's intervalometer opens up unattended quasi-time-lapse possibilities

crashman55 wrote:
I dont need 3 bodies, and need some opinions. So I own all 3 cameras and want to sell one to buy another lens, or upgrade my 70-200mm to a mkII. Anyways, i am wondering if I should sell my 5Dmk II or the 7D. I shoot weddings, and a little bit of everything else that i can.

Perhaps for a period of time, you might tackle the learning curve of MagicLantern, and then be intentional about altering your way of shooting to have all three in use more of the time. Perhaps you've already done that, and it doesn't work for you. If so, disregard.

I've got a recently purchased 6d, plus older 5d2, and T3i/600d. Also S110. With MagicLantern's very nice intervalometer, I'm able to do pre-focused, wide angle "time lapses". I use CHDK on my S110 to also get intervalometer capability.

I could, but I'm not doing "time lapses" to put together an actual time-lapse, but to have more angles to choose from that can be un-attended. Out of 100+ images of one camera's time-lapse, I might only use 10 or so, and sometimes only 2 or 3. Caveat: the p.p. workflow is challenging.

I tend to have the 70-200mm on the Rebel T3i for more "reach". Perhaps 50mm f1.8 or 35mm f2 IS or 24-105mm at 24mm on my 5d2 getting the overall context from a "crow's nest". Maybe 150-500mm on my 6d to get in tight? I do try to take the most challenging, most important images with the 6d.

Examples: this morning, I was at a sunrise service using 3 cameras. If I were doing it over, I've have taken all four cameras.

Also used 3 cameras at a Good Friday service, and 3 cameras at another Easter service at a different church. I used all four cameras at a wedding several weeks ago, two and sometimes three in un-attended time-lapse mode.

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