Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

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Re: Bokeh comparison between Sigma, Otus and Nikkor 58mm

Stacey_K wrote:

Edward Teller wrote:

Well, that's interesting. Thanks for posting this. What may be even more interesting is the responses you will get, which will be more of a Rorschach test about what the posters find attractive than anything else. I've been considering all three of these lenses, and have now easily made up my mind, understanding that not one of them lets you "have it all".

Correct. Honestly I had hoped sigma was going to go for more along the lines of the 58, give up some sharpness for really great Bokeh. But it seems they are going for the test chart sharpness as this is what wins reviews. From a marketing standpoint, that's probably smart. But there goes my dream of getting the look of the nikon 58 for 1/2 the price.

You can get the look of the 58/1.4 for 1/3 the price.   The older Sigma 50/1.4.     It's got similar look and boheh rendering and is also slightly soft at f/1.4.    Great for portraits.

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