With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

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Re: With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

I fight with all the sliders, curves, etc. I've used lightroom for years, use the custom profiles, created my own, etc. I love lightroom for organization, but really hate Adobe Standard. Camera standard looks ok, but the other profiles just don't look exactly the same as they do in camera.

I really wish there were more starting places. Specifically other dng profiles. It's raw photos, why can't I make them look like fuji or Nikon or some other brand in the camera calibration mode? There are kiss profiles, but I tried then years ago for Nikon and they were so so. I love alien skin exposure, but it's more of a finisher not editor (I really wish that program would take raw files).

More and more I use DxO. I can start with a film preset, a different camera profile, and tweak from there.

Still, I know lightroom is the de facto standard and I have it with the creative cloud, so I fight with it.

I use photo mechanic -> dxo -> photoshop if I want -> then store in lightroom.

Lightroom can do pretty much everything, but I keep looking for a magic thing I'm missing, but in the end, I can't quite get the exact colors I like. I can however in dxo.

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