Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: This is how it's gotta go down...

Great Bustard wrote:

qianp2k wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

jimzenglish wrote:

...if Canon is to be successful in the mirrorless FF market.

  1. Either buy a sensor from Sony or make one at least as good.
  2. AF and CAF must be outstanding.
  3. EVF must be outstanding.
  4. Must debut with the following high quality lenses: 24 / 2 IS, 35 / 2 IS, 50 / 1.8 IS, and 85 / 1.8 IS.

Ok I'm obviously thick but I was more thinking of a mirrorless system utilising their existing lenses rather than creating a new range. I know this would make the system less compact than if they brought out a new range of suitable lenses but it would still give the user the option of going compact for the day with a 50mm 1.8 or similar.
I'm just thinking then a canon enthusiast could have a setup like a 5D for general work and the mirrorless for travelling but still using same lenses and keeping with full frame setup.

For sure, the camera must debut with an EF adapter. However, that's like adding a 1.4x TC to all your lenses, in terms of size of the system. As size and weight is one of the primary, if not the primary, reason for going mirrorless over SLR, coming out with small, light, fast, high IQ lenses right from the start is crucial to the success of the system.

That's a daunting task if possible - small, light, fast, high IQ all together.

It's the reason people would move to FF mirrorless.

I mean lenses when I said "daunting task" . Sure ML body meets above criteria as the new Sony A6000 shows, and hope future A8 will be.

FE 35/2.8 and FE 55/1.8 - small/light and great optical quality but not fast as they sacrifice max aperture to make small/light.

I was hoping for the same for Canon, except 35 / 2 rather than 35 / 2.8.

Personally I think it's the right strategy for Sony to have a very small/light pancake FE 35/2.8 as Canon 40/2.8 STM. A Sony FE roadmap shows it might have a fast FE 35/1.4 later that will be as large as Canon and Nikon 35 prime but could be smaller/lighter than Sigma 35/1.4 Art (as Sigma designed with optical quality as top priority regardless size/weight). So both groups of photographers (one for small/light and another for top performance) will happy.

FE 24-70/4.0 OSS - small/light reasonable fast as compared to DSLR counterpart such as Canon 24-70L4.0 IS but sacrifice optical quality.

Yeah -- a small and light 24-85 / 2.8-4 IS with high IQ might be a bit of an ask.

That inadvertently will be big and heavy (guess 700g at least) just check FE 24-70/4.0 OS (426g) and Nikon 24-85/3.5-5.6 VR (465g).

FE 70-200/4.0 OSS - big/heavy at 840g as almost the same as Nikon 70-200G/4.0 VR at 850g, and noticeably heavier/bigger than Canon 70-200L/4.0 IS (760g), optical quality is almost as good as Nikon copy, not the best at both ends (especially at 200mm) but in mid-range (as FE 24-70, a Sony's way to design zoom?).

Not really thinking of the long end for debut lenses.

I hear what you're saying in regards to the AF I have the EOS M and it's disappointing in that regard so would need to be improved.

And not just AF, but CAF.

Wondering if dual-pixel technology will help Canon to capture up in this area.

I was thinking of it.

We know sensor-based PDAF has its side effect impacting IQ. If dual-pixel is better in this area and also has other benefits as Canon claimed in next version?

We shall see!

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