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Re: 24-70L So - So lens 4 me

Abu Mahendra wrote:

I have a hard time believing that, with the sensor on your 5D and its high ISO prowess, your photography is impaired by the absence of IS. If no IS is holding you back, i'd look into technique.

I think the answer really depends on your shooting style, subjects, desired output media, etc...

The OP gave you some good examples. Frankly, I agree with him.

I have a 6D (so very good high ISO performance), but I find that without IS some lenses just require a bit too much fiddling around for "rapid" shooting (or just casual shooting - where you don't want to screw around with settings too much - like social situations - which I shoot a lot).

For example, I have the 50L 1.2 and the 135L 2.0. Both awesome lenses - I love them. However, without IS, and with an apparently unsteady shooting form despite "looking into [my] technique", I need to bump up my minimum shutter speed to 1/125 and 1/250 respectively if I want to be really really certain that I don't spoil good shots (discovered after it is too late) due to camera shake.

This, in turn, bumps ISO to levels that are occasionally a bit high for big prints (which I like a lot). It also requires fiddling a bit if I change lenses, etc... In fact, I have used my C1 and C2 functions to take care of this - but that means I can't use those for other, possibly more useful custimizations.

So, my point is that your dismissive answer/tone may be appropriate for you - but my guess is that there are plenty of people for whom the lack of IS is a big negative for a lens. I really wanted to buy this lens. I have shot with it and i love the IQ, range, etc... - but my experience with the the two aforementioned primes makes me feel it really wouldn't be worth the $ for me without IS.

So, here is a +1 for the original post.

I've tried the lens 3 times and in this range and I prefer primes with or without IS. It's a personal choice but I'm sure many would agree that even cropping with a great 35 or 50 the final results are apparent. Canon really got the 70-200 IS USM I I right. I'd gladly pay $2,500 for a 17-55 L USM IS II. This is a lens that should not be relegated to crop sensors. Again, this my personal preference. I just don't care for the 24-70.... I tried to love the lens
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