New Nikon D4s ... Vertical Shutter Button Issues ... ?

Started Apr 20, 2014 | Questions thread
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New Nikon D4s ... Vertical Shutter Button Issues ... ?

Hey All,

Just picked up a D4s a couple of days ago - incredible camera (previously my main camera was the D3s .. that needed some repair and all of my other Nikon gear is in use by my other shooters, leaving me to switch back to my Canon backups or buy the new D4s ... and that provided the perfect excuse. :).

Have yet to shoot any jobs with it (just some personal stuff and I have been very happy with the results). One of my biggest jobs of the year is coming up next weekend. However, I'm running into an issue and ... before I go tearing back to the shop with the camera, I thought I'd check here to make sure I'm not missing something obvious.

The situation: the vertical shutter button, which is configured for AF/Shutter Release, does not always respond and drive focusing. What I mean is, the camera ignores the half-press input and does not focus. It will release and take a photo on full press, but not focus on half press. Even after taking a photo, half press does not engage focus. This happens most often on wake when I bring the camera to my eye and engage the vertical release or when I turn the camera on and engage the vertical release. Sometimes it even happens if I remove pressure from the vertical release and then re-apply it in between shots or compositions.

Oddities ... when turning on the camera or waking the camera from meter/display off, If I first press any other button on the camera, so far the vertical button always works. Or, say I have the camera to my eye and the vertical button is not working, if I dramatically change the pitch of the camera (point it up or down) or even give it a little shake, the vertical button will engage AF again.

To my mind ... that's not a feature! Which is why I'll be getting in touch with the shop tomorrow. But, in the meantime, I thought I would check here and see if any one has run into anything similar. Or, see if there some wild off chance that a combination of settings might result in this behavior. I've been doing this a long time ... but I'd still rather it was user error than defective gear, even if it makes me look like a newb.:)

In all other respects, this is an incredible camera - I don't want to return it. If I never used the vertical release, I'd even potentially be willing to live with the oddity (I lived with worse Canon 1DmkII and 1DmkIII oddities ... ) But easily >90% of my shots are verticals and this could really get in the way.

Any thoughts? I'm not looking for a thread full of "for $xxx the camera should be perfect" or any sort of Nikon bashing ... just looking to see if anyone else has experienced or heard of anything similar with this camera. I've done some searching and so far I seem to be alone on this one ...

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