70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Some more numbers

What is real and what is not? The Canon DSLRs are all larger and heavier then the A6000. The SL1 is just 3mm less wide but 23 mm higher and 24mm 5hicker then the A6000.

Ilike the way you use the lenses that are larger and heavier for the Sony then they are fir the Canon. Why not compare the 35mm stabilized lens on both? Size and weght, even for the SL1 is way better for the Sony systwm. And to ve true, the Sony will offer a better grip and better AF spedd too.

The Canon DSLR entry level cameras are not that great in AF, that's why I used the 70D and not the SL1 as a comparisson. And even when using an other Rebel, for the better grip, you will find that size and weight for the Sony A6000 will usualy be better...

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