Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Trevor Carpenter
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Re: Olympus has been in quality cameras much longer than Panasonic

Tom Axford wrote:

You and several others have made this point, but no-one has given a link or reference to any source for sales figures!

So I did a bit of searching myself and the best figures I could find were here, and they suggest that Olympus sell about twice as many ILCs as Panasonic.

Assuming this is correct, does it tally with the difference in the number of threads devoted to Olympus and to Panasonic? I'm not sure and I'm too lazy to count them to find out, but it certainly would explain a large part of the difference.

The link here is for Japanese sales which is a lot different to worldwide sales. What hasn’t been mentioned so far is the geographic differences.

US forum members often talk about poor Panasonic coverage yet in the UK Panasonic have been fairly visual for a few years. Talk to my local retailer and he is pleased with Panny figures but it’s not surprising that they don’t do so well in the US if no one sells them. Olympus on the other hand can only just be seen to be making a high street presence comeback in the UK after becoming invisible during the 4/3s era. As an Oly user, I did believe the end was nigh but fortunately the E-M5 and E-M1 seen to have revitalised for the time being.

Unless someone can tell me otherwise I don’t believe genuine sales figures exist outside of Japan. (Please correct me I would love to be wrong.)

I’d love there to a be a year on year sales table by model for here in the UK and worldwide so that we could have the ‘facts’ and not the spurious figures that people quote as fact on these forums.

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