Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

jhinkey wrote:

Us GX7 guys are out shooting and the EM-1 guys are all talk?:-)

There is a delay between camera introduction and its real popularity. The delay can be a year or much longer.
A good way to see who is shooting with what is to look at number of photos users share in their galleries:


For a year or more Olympus E-M5 was in top 5 of cameras people actually use and share photos with. Only old Canikon cameras are used more. It will take time for E-M1 to appear in this rating.

One thing can be said for sure - no Panasonic cameras have ever been in this list. GX7 or any Lumix camera is unlikely to change this.

So, maybe those few GX7 users are all about shooting but they don't seem to be confident in their results, so they don't share many photos.

I don't know, but it does seem there are not that many GX7 posters.

Right. As to why - you can look at owners statistics


E-M1 is the youngest camera in this list. 6 month old camera costing $1400 got almost the same number of users as 3 year old Canon 600D costing $600. Pretty impressive, isn't it? Olympus is the only company that can challenge Canikon total domination.
If you wonder when Panasonic cameras will get into that list, the answer is probably never, or not in the nearest future.

BTW, it's not E-M1, it's E-M10 that makes GX7 obsolete. There are objective reasons for that but I won't state them because it would be a too hot topic for this forum. Just look at statistics and try explaining it youself.

PS. Note that it's not Olympus fans who started this first. When someone writes a provocative statement like this

Us GX7 guys are out shooting and the EM-1 guys are all talk?:-)

a reasonable expectation would be that people take a bait and reply, no?

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