FD to M43 focal reducer problem, also which FD lens do you suggest ?

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FD lenses

Lumixdude wrote:

The way to differentiate FD lenses from FDn ("new" FD) lenses is that they don't have the silver ring around them. This is a locking mechanism to keep dust out on FD cameras, but it doesn't function as well as it should when you place these kinds of lenses on an adapter.

FDn lenses are generally SSC as opposed to SC lenses, SSC lenses will have better contrast and generally reduced lens flare. The other way of getting an SSC lens as opposed to an SC lens is to look for the lenses with a faster aperture. Generally the faster the aperture, the better the quality of glass.

This site is probably the best source of info on FD lenses.


As to best, the FD L lenses are mostly much better....Canon often made lenses of the same speed ...so a 50 1.2 non L while ok does not match the 50 1.2L

Same with the 80-200 f4 lenses.

I have 5 FD lenses and a FD 2x macro converter, one autofocus FD lens I can only use on a Canon film camera, and 4 FD L lenses.....my favourite lenses out of dozens I have.

The 2x converter (which is an older breechlock one) is simple and easy to use but only works with my 80-200 and not the L primes I have (24 1.4, 50 1.2 and 85 1.2).

The FD L lenses are great on all mirrorless formats and if you have (say) M4/3 and FF, you can use the same lenses on both for different angle of view.

I highly recommend FD lenses but in particular FD L lenses...some of the FD L zooms are not that expensive either if you are lucky.

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