Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Ignorance?

Paulmorgan wrote:

The E-M5 and GX7 differ mainly in styling and a few features. Both are upper-consumer to semi-pro level bodies and cost roughly the same.

I do not think a camera with a built-in viewfinder is a direct competitor for one requiring a bulky add-on unit.

By design and spec the EP5 and GX7 are more or less the same, the EP5 might take an external evf but once fitted it can tilt just like that of the GX7, the bulky add on unit you refer to is leagues better than that found on the GX7.

The EM5 was the competitor of the GH3.

Its nice to be able to put each camera neatly into a category that makes us happy, but that's not the way reality works. If i have it narrowed down to 3 cameras for a purchase, those three cameras are competitors, competing for our money. Since none of these cameras would exist if our money weren't in the picture, that is a factor that can't be ignored. We may call a camera a low end, or pro grade, but in the end we are just people buying stuff with our money, they all compete for dollars regardless of spec or class.

When i was looking at cameras to buy a couple months ago, i looked at the following: EM1, EM5, GH3, GX7, A77, 6D, D7100, K3, 70D, XE2, Xpro-1, and EOS-M. I was tied into nothing, so as far as spending was concerned, i was new to all systems. After careful consideration of my shooting style, the cost of camera and lenses, features of the cameras, and my best guess future needs, i chose the GX7. If things were slightly different i could have bought an EM1, or 6D, this makes those cameras competitors regardless of the intended classification.

In the end Panasonic got my money and Olympus didn't, there is no greater competition in sales than that. In the future i may go for Olympus, but to claim their cameras don't compete is silly.

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