What would you do about this aggressive driver who didn't want his car's photo taken?

Started Apr 20, 2014 | Polls thread
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jayrandomer Contributing Member • Posts: 814
What would you do about this aggressive driver who didn't want his car's photo taken?

Now that the weather is nice, my wife and I (and now our new daughter) like to take walks around our neighborhood. We live near some pretty major roads (US-1, I-95) and so a lot of people speed (>40 mph in a 25 mph zone) through our residential neighborhood.

As a compromise between doing nothing and flipping off/pounding on cars that speed through crosswalks, I take a picture of their license plate when they do something we consider excessively aggressive. Usually they don't notice and I don't do anything with the photograph, so it temporarily allows us to let off some steam at the aggressive drivers while not actually doing anything.

Today, though, someone took exception to this practice, pulled his car around and yelled at me for taking his picture. He told, not asked, but told, me to delete the photograph. I pressed the delete button on my camera and said, "it's deleted", to which he responded, "I'm watching you. You better watch out." He drove away in a huff and my wife and I responded with his easy-to-remember 6 digit license plate number.

As it turns out, it's basically impossible to see anything on my LCD screen in the bright sunlight, so I didn't actually delete anything. For those who care, there were no people in the shot, only his car.

I'm wondering what other photographers would have done in my place.

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Delete the photo and apologize.
2.8% 3  votes
Delete the photo and not apologize.
0.9% 1  vote
Pretend to delete the photo and not apologize, possibly start a thread on DPR about it.
7.4% 8  votes
Not delete the photo and state your rights as a photographer.
38.9% 42  votes
Lie and say you didn't take a photo
0.9% 1  vote
Lie and say you were simply admiring his car. It was a nice car, but not anything particularly remarkable.
0.9% 1  vote
Not taken a photograph of the aggressive driver in the first place. Bear in mind that this greatly increases the risk of your significant other flipping said aggressive driver off.
13.9% 15  votes
Something else (please elaborate).
34.3% 37  votes
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