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Re: For ME, the RX100 does compete against the Nikon 1 - and beats it!

antoineb wrote:

Well Scottelly,

I tend to believe that it is not the companies who decide what competes against what - the consumers do.

For me, the need in this case is, small pocketable camera with solid IQ, at a fair price. Very fast AF not needed as I don't do BIFs or running animals or running kids with that camera - if I want running kids I just take out my Nikon DSLR (which of course won't happen if the running kids happen to be during a mountain hike, or a daily commute, or a business trip, etc - because the DSLR is just too big and heavy).

For these needs, I see that the Sony RX100 II is smaller than a Nikon "1" equipped with any lens, is lighter (the Nikon weighs about the same as the Sony but for the body only - then you need to add a 28-100mm equivalent and fairly fast lens). And it is a good deal cheaper, actually about half the price of the Nikon 1 V3 with basic kit - and you'd need to buy another lens to get to the same 28-100 equivalent.

So, for ME, the Sony not only is a competitor to the Nikon 1, but actually it trounces it on any dimension, except the very fast continuous shooting which is not something I care about.

And I'm obviously not the only one to think this, because the RX100 I flew off the shelves and was never discounted, then came the RX100 II which is again flying off the shelves and never discounted, and in the meantime when I see Nikon 1's in the stores they're always gathering dust and if not the latest model then they're easily discounted by 50% if not more, clearly signalling that simply no one is buying them.

Frankly I just don't get how Nikon could fail so miserable with this product line. It's like instead of putting together a solid team with their best talent (and there is a LOT of solid talent at Nikon), they had someone very influential unilaterally decide to entrust the design of the whole system to a close friend or family member with next to no knowledge of photography. And when they saw the result and how pathetic it was but decided it was too late to go back to square one, they asked the engineers to please try to save the situation by adding ONE unique features - and they managed to add very fast continuous AF.

It's a sad, sad, sad story. How to so completely fail a product when you have so much talent available, and when you don't have the luxury to fail because the market is becoming really tough.

I don't think Nikon has failed the market. They haven't satisfied your particular needs as much as Sony has, with a point-and-shoot camera with a sensor bigger than the typical 1/2.3" standard for point-and-shoots. That is just Sony filling a niche that Nikon didn't consider particularly important. Maybe, if there are enough sales of the RX100 and RX100 II, they will reconsider their position and make a point-and-shoot with a larger sensor, but smaller than their really big sensor point-and-shoot cameras. You must admit that Both Canon and Nikon make point-and-shoot cameras that fit what people want . . . either a long zoom range, or a short zoom range with a large sensor, which performs well in low-light situations. That is why those cameras with big sensors are normally 12 or 14 megapixels instead of 18 or 20. Just take a look at the new Canon G1X Mark II.

I'm not saying that the Sony RX100 and RX100 II are not great cameras. They ARE! If I wanted a point-and-shoot, I would probably pick one of those myself. But I want a back-up for a DSLR and the ability to shoot super fast. I also want the ability to change lenses and use other lenses, like macro lenses and stuff like that. These are things I can't do with a Sony point-and-shoot.

I'm planning to get a J1 with two lenses (10-30 and 30-110), just to try it out. If things go o.k. with it, I'll get the V3 too. I may never get the D5300 that I want, because those two cameras might do all that I want. I will be mounting my 28mm f2 AIS backward on a generic adapter. I might LOVE the fast shooting speed and tiny size of the J1. If so, I might not get the D5300 before the V3. If I get the V3 first I might find the D5300 unnecessary. So be it If that happens. If not, I'll get a D5300 and a couple of lenses for that (including the Tokina 10-17mm fisheye), and I'll have interchangeability. I'll have both speed shooting AND high quality in a pretty light, versatile package. But if you're willing to make do with a point-and-shoot that only gives you 24-100mm focal length range (equvalent), then good for you! But that is a different world from what the Nikon 1 system offers.

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