70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Re: The numbers

Siobhan A wrote:

nevercat wrote:

Look HERE to see the size difference between a DSLR (Canon 70D) and the A6000. both with a 70-200 F4 lens.

Why did you ignore what I said? I said a smaller DSLR.


The difference won't be noticed, but the big grip will. The SL1 has a poor grip though and the Rebel has the best grip. The Canons are longer but the Sony lens is wider.

The Sony lens weighs 840g and body 344g =1184g

The Canon lens weighs 760 and SL1 body 407g = 1167g

The Canon lens weighs 760 and T5i body 575g = 1335g

You can clearly see that the Canon camera/lens combination is longer, but that is not all. The Canon combination weight: 1515 grams, the Sony combination weight: 1184 grams.

When you change lenses for a 50mm f1.8 then you get the following...


Canon 537g vs. Sony 546g

I would keep the A6000 and all the fun things it can do better and for action take the $1500 and get a non-IS Canon lens and body - save some extra cash. Canon is proven for action and you can use the A6000 for other stuff. You can take the savings and get an EOS adapter too!

But you have to suffer the nearly mummified Canon APS-C sensors, no thanks. I don't want to go back to that place as a RAW user.

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