Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

audiobomber wrote:

Charismagic wrote:

audiobomber wrote:

What differences are there between a K-30 and K-50, other than shape?

-New Sensor which allows up to ISO 51200

The sensor has to be the same. There was no mention of a sensor upgrade in either the Ricoh press release or in DPR's review of the K-50. If the sensor was upgraded, or even tweaked, they would have said so.

Both bodies are rated 79 on DXOMark, with identical scores for ISO, DR and Colour sensitivity, which indicates identical raw performance. The step increase to ISO 51,200 is simply due to a change in the jpeg processing engine. Shoot in raw at ISO 25,600 on the K-30 and brighten the image one step in post-processing, the results will be identical to shooting at 51200 on the K-50.

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Hey Dan,

You are spot on. My bad. As you have pointed out, the sensor  hasn't  changed, but the JPEG processing has.

Cant figure out where I got the info from...normally I save my links, but  couldn't trace this one.

Thanks for correcting me and pointing this out.


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