Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re:Why the great difference in price GX-7 anEM1

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I am curious as to that price difference. What does the Oly have which makes it more expensive?


Better build

Better EVF

PDAF on-sensor

(PDAF on sensor) Yes, Olympus put a lot of time and resources trying to bridge FT to MFT to enable those great Zuikos to be use with the micro Bodies.

Thanks. I use a GF-1 and think of changing but money is a factor and the many changes in newer cams here is over my head.

Wait another month. The E-PM2 and the E-P5 are discontinued but the new Pens are heavily rumored to be shown in May. Considering the success of the OMD line and the sagging sales of the Pens, there could be big changes to the Pens.

If there's a E-P6, it's the line of Oly camera more like the original GF1 (or the more recent GX1)

That sounds very interesting. I am thinking of changing but have to be reasonably sure about as much as possible.

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