Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

debo wrote:

In India the WR will save your lenses from fungus/dust/heat/monsoons while the Canikons will need more care (silica gels et al)

The Pentax combo is more expensive due to the much better kit lens. The lens is very good. You can add a prime later on (maybe a DA35). Even in the US, a K-50 + 18-135 is around 750-800 (not a huge difference between the K-30 and the K-50 IMO)

So true...thats also the reason why this was a big priority. In India its already 40 degree C (104 deg F) and the worst is yet to come.

Sadly, there are hardly any Pentax dealers online, no refurbished pieces, nothing at all...Having a choice makes all the difference sometimes.


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