but, eventually, copyrights should expire

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Not an American problem, LOL!

Bill Robb wrote:

dmartin92 wrote:

It seems that certain organizations are always wanting to extend the time of copyrights. Things like this:


which really is the perfect example of how easy it is to buy Congressmen.

But at some point, maybe in 70 years, or maybe in 200 years, human creativity, it belongs to all of us, and that creativity should be jointly owned by all of of us.

What Shakespeare wrote, his exact words, it's something we inherit, the day we are born. And for old photos too.

As long as the American government is owned and operated by corporations, expect laws that favour corporations to get ever more draconian, and penalties for transgression ever harsher, and expect these laws to creep into the legal systems of other countries because of America's political (gunboat) influence.

That's just stuff that other companies spread to America. We didn't invent it. We didn't even improve on it.

Look at the history of the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company. The latter was especially unbelievable, by modern standards. Formed in 1600, it was given government sanctioned monopolies in multiple markets: tea, opium, silk, citrus, spices, etc. Their charter actually allowed the company to maintain its own standing army and navy, draft soldiers and workers (aka slaves), wage war, establish colonies, coin its own money, arrest and execute enemies of the company, etc. No other country in the entire span of history has had such a high percentage of its population engaged in a government sanctioned monopoly, not even modern China. Percentage wise, they controlled a larger portion of the world's wealth than any other entity: whether a nation or another company. They waged wars against sovereign nations, and against other companies.

The English weren't much better. There might not have been an American war for independence if the English hadn't given the British East India Company such sweeping powers to tax the colonies to death. Had they been just a little less ruthlessly corporate, we might have gone another century or two as poms, like Canada. I won't even get into the atrocities of the British South African Company.

Germany, France, Portugal, Greenland, etc. all had their heavily armed "crown charter" companies.

These were companies known to maneuver a couple of countries into a war so they'd have someone to sell a few shiploads of saltpeter, sulfur, or lead to.

Those who don't learn history are doomed to repeat it in summer school.

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