Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Ignorance?

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These two m4/3 cameras seem like the two heavyweight rivals from Olymponic, yet the forum get 10 times the talk and traffic regarding the em-1. Why?

I find that a lot of people express their opinions based on ignorance of what else is out there. A lot of long time Olympus users here who can't be bothered to even learn about or try anything else. Hence, Oly is the best for them.

I have a GX7 and the GM1 on the way. The GX7 came with the 20mm f1.7 and after selling the 12-32mm from the GM1 kit I will have spent the same amount for those three items as the cost of the E-M1.

I'm sure the E-M1 is a great camera but all the research I've done does not support a cost that is over twice as much as the GX7 when you subtract out the cost of the lens If purchased separately.

I also preferred the smaller body size of the GX7 and the menu system.


Then you don't value an excellent view finder, superb ergonomics, robustness, and performance. With the GX7 and GM1 you only get, what you pay for it, which is significantly less in both cases.

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Yes I do not value them for an additional $800 when those items are not that much better than my GX7, plus the silent shutter on the GX7 is useful for some event related shooting I will do where having a quieter camera is preferred and the IQ between the two is close to the same.

Also the reason I decided the 4/3 system was a good move for me was the smaller size, which the GX7 fulfills over the M1.

Also since I just started my system having good glass was important so most of my money was invested in lenses as you can see by my gear list, now that I have a nice collection of lenses I can add bodies later if I want to try different options.

I'm sure the M1 is a great camera, if I had more money I would have probably tried it out but I stretched the budget just to get what I have and having better lenses and the GM1 for a second (and backup) camera for travel and events was more important to me.


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