70-200mm F4 on A6000

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My feelings too

ryan92084 wrote:

nevercat wrote:

Look here to see the size difference between a DSLR (Canon 70D) and the A6000. both with a 70-200 F4 lens. You can clearly see that the Canon camera/lens combination is longer, but that is not all. The Canon combination weight: 1515 grams, the Sony combination weight: 1184 grams. When you change lenses for a 50mm f1.8 then you get thefollowing size and the Weight? 885 grams for the Canon and 546grams for the Sony, tell me, with what combiation do you want to walk around for a whle day?

I agree some put too much emphasis on size being the nex's main advantage. I think flexibility is.

The size difference was almost non-existent in the first example and I said a small DSLR which the 70D is not - its mid-range.  If you look the Sony lens is wider and the lens diameter which you can't see is also larger.    You can all see the Canon would be easier to hold.

The A6000 on the other hand can be smaller for other uses and more flexible.  I agree with you.

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