Is this the best I can expect from D800?

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munro harrap
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Re: No. It is not

I have just looked at 100%, carefully, and I'd say you were unconsciously panning, following the boat, just a little bit, maybe, as the background is blurred, just a bit. You dont notice this on a 5D MkIII or 16-18MP machine as the image is so much smaller, but on the D800 everything registers.

As it is spring try a clump of trees of various heights and types, being careful to focus. The other thing I do a lot is just use manual focus for anything like that where you are at a fixed point from the object of your desires and are not moving yourself about.

Typically this machine will try to grab focus on the railings on the left! I get errors like this anytime somebody moves just a little into the shot as I take it.

It is the worst D800 feature-uncontrollable AF points you can no longer yourself shift groups of around, and a patheically slow click by click , one focus spot after another to move a single spot around. I mean they no longer design them for humans!!

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