Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Olympus has been in quality cameras much longer than Panasonic

Tom Axford wrote:

Cane wrote:

These two m4/3 cameras seem like the two heavyweight rivals from Olymponic, yet the forum get 10 times the talk and traffic regarding the em-1. Why?

An interesting point. Olympus cameras in general account for more talk on the forum than Panasonic cameras. I rather doubt that differences in the number of sales can account for this, but I haven't seen the figures.

My own guess is that there are a lot more photographers emotionally attached to Olympus than there are to Panasonic. The reasons for this are largely historical: Olympus made film cameras that were well loved and they acquired a dedicated band of followers soon after the introduction of the first Olympus SLR in the 1970s.

My impression is that some (many?) current contributors to this forum have also used Olympus film cameras before they switched to digital. On the other hand, Panasonic never made film cameras as far as I am aware and have only been making digital ILCs for about 5 years (?), much less time to acquire a dedicated following.

I used to use an OM-10 and OM-20 - put me off Olympus bodies for life. Sticky magnets were the bane of any Oly user. I did get attached to the superb glass that Olympus produced, but to be frank, a monkey with a broken screwdriver could have made better bodies.

First opportunity to jump ship was taken - and that was when I went digital. The allegiance to glass still shows - I prefer Oly glass on my GX-7.


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