a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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The real deal... as i see it.

When you are excited about the hobby, you do not mind carrying your dslr everywhere and sometimes huge lenses.  When the hype dies (if it does, it may not) or if life just kicks in, you may find yourself not wanting to lug it all around.  I have been shooting since 2006.  Now i shoot so much less because life has just got in the way.  Now when i go to shoot something (usually around family) i usually reach for one lens and leave it on the camera all the time (my 28mm 1.8 prime).

My point comes down to this... there is a middle ground.  After all the smoke clears you will say to yourself "i dont even need or use all these lenses i own." but you will have learned how to use your camera very well and have that one or 2 lens combo that you always reach for and think to yourself it is worth the weight when you are in the mood for photos you know you can only achieve with your dslr.

So i do not use my dslr much anymore and just shoot with my cell phone.  But whenever i go to see family i have not seen in a while or family function or even vacation, it is worth the weight.  I dont need all my 10+ lenses i own, but my most used lens and single dslr body is always worth owning and using when a camera phone just wont cut it for the occasion.

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