Nikon 1 V3 impressions (yes, have one atm)

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Re: Why not a GM1?

FEJ wrote:

Ricardo, I'm curious what you think about the Panasonic GM1 for your needs... did you consider it?

Yes, as I mentioned in the thread, I tried it 4 times including a small street night life shootout.

Basically I ended up hating it with a passion. Hate hate hate how it handles, hate hate hate that dial wheel in the back. I kept pressing other settings while trying to use that.

It has better low-light performance (both IQ and focus) in just as small of a package, or smaller depending on lens.

The telephotos are definitively bigger.  I am not sure the focus is faster in low light, because of the fast primes on the V3.  In fact my experience (limited with the F1.8 on the V3) tells me it will focus faster in low light (with the fast primes) than the GM1.

The IQ is definitively better on the GM1 and the GM1 sensor for a Panasonic first in ever, did not band when pushed which is good.

The main thing it lacks in comparison to the V3 is focus tracking, but that seems like something you wouldn't really need for street photography. -Jeff

Well the AF of the V3 is still faster though the GM1 focuses pretty fast.

I really wanted to like the GM1 but could not. Here's a well known photographer that had the exact same problem:


The GM1's rear control ring is simply a disaster. It is too thin, too lightly detented and too easily pressed. This means that when you intend to enter exposure compensation you find yourself changing ISO or AF Mode or White Balance. Not just now and then, but almost all the time. Who on earth at Panasonic thought that this was an acceptable design? Phooey!"

I asked myself the same question several times.  It's not like Panasonic had not done an LX5 or LX7.

It's very amusing to me how the little Pentax Q handles better and has a better though tout feature set/workflow with it than both of them (yes, still better than V3 overall).

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