What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

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i agree with this...

ryan2007 wrote:

crashman55 wrote:

I dont need 3 bodies, and need some opinions. I posted in lens forum by accident, so i am reposting in this category. So I own all 3 cameras and want to sell one to buy another lens, or upgrade my 70-200mm to a mkII. Anyways, i am wondering if I should sell my 5Dmk II or the 7D. I shoot weddings, and a little bit of everything else that i can.

Please help.

Easy, if your a wedding photographer you should have a backup body as a standard thing. typically the bodies are the same model.

As soon as you sell your extra bodies, Murphy's Law will appear.

Just depends how much of a risk you want to take for your work.

If your work is top of the line and people really depend on you, the 5d2 has more value for "the what if".   But if you are the family photographer or the guy who gets paid in food at the wedding or like $100 bucks for the day, then base it on which body yields a sjgnificant return for its value.  If 5d2 is selling for like $1500 and 7d only $600... that is a huge factor to consider.

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