Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Ignorance?

For one thing, the GH4 is the competitor to the E-M1. The GX7 competes more with the E-M5. All are good cameras.

I've owned two each Panasonic and Olympus m43 bodies and eventually sold both the Olympus ones. The main reason was that the Panasonic G5 and GX7 menus are intuitive and easy to work with, while the E-M5 and Pen menus are not. Switching back and forth between the E-M5 and G5 was quite frustrating.

If you read this board often you will find many others share my opinion of the menu systems. Olympus menus are, at this stage, a lot like early renditions of BMW's iDrive; bad enough to outweigh the product's many virtues.

And please don't reply with "learn the menu system and adapt". Why would one encourage Olympus not to improve its software?

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