Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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For any doubters on whether Canikon are losing share, you'll find similar discussions on the Nikon forums (about what Nikon will do) and that there are many, many who take on a Sony A7/A7r as a second body and soon make it their primary body. And many of them are using their Canikon lenses on their A7/A7r bodies with adapters so the lack of FE lenses is not as a big deal as it seems.

Canon and Nikon share loss is not as noticeable because a large portion of their sales are through big box retailers like Target and Costco in the US. While good to have share in mass market segments, enthusiast on up segments are where the better margins are.

Can't tell you how many people I know that have bought a quality mirror-less as a "back-up" or travel cam only to discover that it was the only cam they were interested in shooting.

True, I am one of them

Particularly true of the Alphas as they can shoot any DSLR lens and some RF lenses.

Little by little serious enthusiasts will introduce these cameras to the larger population.

The issue is that enthusiasts like you and me are true minority of all camera owners, and will not grow in percentage in future. Most my friends and coworkers simply could not understand why I spent that much in photography gear merely for a hobby. I have friends to have Rebel or even enthusiastic mid-range cameras such as 60D or 70D but they still use kit lenses or only willing to pay little more to get lenses such as Sigma 17-50/2.8 OS around that price tag. They simply will not spend on lenses that cost 2x or more than their camera bodies. Most of them only take JPEG photos.

When that happens Canikon better be ready for new demands.

Agreed they are better ready when they see substantial demands. At least Nikon has matured ML technology as shown in its One series. Canon is lagging behind in ML but there is a rumor on EOS-M3 in later this year, or Canon has cash to buy a ML company such as Panasonic camera section (which continue losing money) to get the necessary technology quickly.

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