What is your fav holiday country?

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Re: Too difficult to tell

Two of my favorites are China and Indonesia.

What do you do there that can't be done elsewhere?

I like Italy. People more friendly than the French on the whole.

Can't beat the UK though. No snakes or poisonous spiders. No earthquakes to speak of. Lots of regional differences. History. English spoken mostly but with regional differences again.

What do you do in Italy or the UK that can't be done elsewhere :)?

In China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand you can find the world's fastest trains next to 1000-year old temples, the world's best foods, volcanoes and hot springs, painted deserts, snorkeling, snowy peaks, river rafting, bridges above rain forests, some of the world's tallest building and longest bridges, and ethic cultures that aren't for tourist show. And you get to eat the snakes and spiders. What more could you want? Oh, how about boutique hotels for $80 a night and lunch for $2?

Personally I was very disappointed in London, although I'm sure it's different once you get out to the country and visit the smaller towns. Same chain stores I'd left the states to avoid, same restaurants, traffic jams, a shortage of good local food, with fast foods dominated by Wimpy Burgers and their ilk. Last time I went even the pub food was microwaved to order. Could have stayed in LA.

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