Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Because there are good reasons to prefer one or the other

I think that the M4/3 "partners" have established enough differentiation between their products that some people can prefer one system over the other, even though they share the exact same lens mount. These two systems are simultaneously alike... and very different.

The two brands also have much in common:

  • Both use the same lens mount, with fully compatible lenses from either.
  • Both make rangefinder styled and DSLR styled cameras
  • Both have a few weather sealed cameras and lenses.
  • Both offer optional EVFs for those cameras that lack them.
  • Neither one is easy to find at retail stores.
  • Both duplicate their kit and standard grade lenses, for those with a brand preference.

And here are their differences:

  • The video user will prefer Panasonic, since their video implementation is better.
  • The IBIS lover will prefer Olympus, especially with the 5 axis variety.
  • OIS has it's own advantages too, and could be preferred by others.
  • Until the OM-D series appeared, only Panasonic had built in EVFs.
  • Olympus still doesn't have a fully articulated LCD. Panasonic has many.
  • Only Olympus offers PDAF ability with the EM1. This is important for 4/3 lens users.
  • The Olympus menu system is off-putting, unless you already have mastered it.
  • If you want a tilting EVF, then Panasonic is the only way you can have one.
  • Olympus has a real photography legacy, while Panasonic is an electronics firm.
  • Until recently, the Olympus Jpegs were much better. Not so much today with recent Panasonic models.

There are many good reasons for going with either system, it just depends on your personal needs and preferences. Many users like myself will mix and match bodies and lenses, since one brand's lens selection might offer something the other one doesn't.

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