Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: Sheep mentality

Symtex wrote:

For every Canon DSLR, they are thousands of smartphone taking picture. They dominate the world of photography now. Who said Fuji/Olympus is not profitable ? Do you have financial annual reports to share with us?

It's actually true. Smartphone mainly threatens compact cameras (that seems diminishing) and threaten small mirrorless cameras more than DSLR. The reality is that mirrorless doesn't sell well in North America (the world largest market), not very well in Europe either. Only mainly popular in Japan and Korea but not really in China (2nd or 3rd largest market). DSLRs still can do quite large section of photography tasks that ML or smartphone simply cannot do well.

Most people I know or among coworkers I know basically all own DSLRs, most are Rebel or entry-level Nikon DX cameras. For typical soccer moms/dads in Americas, much cheaper and more versatile and capable DSLRs are still their default choice, at least until now.

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