70-200mm F4 on A6000

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Re: That must be a fake

Siobhan A wrote:

Tuloom wrote:

Siobhan A wrote:

I hope that is not the real FE 70-200. There is no advantage over a DSLR.

Except that one can take it off and use a tiny 50 Cron, or the wee CV15, maybe the spectacular a G28, and the 120 gram FE35, and the SEL35, or a 35 Lux, or.....

I am sure the FE 70-200 is not that big, but since the price is so high a Canon lens and DSLR could be had instead while keeping the A6000. A NEX 6 and DSLR would be even less expensive but but better option too.

I can buy an M240 to use with my 50 Cron, too, but this is about options. The comparable lens from Canon is $1349, which I'm sure the Sony will be in 6 months.

But the issue here is same as it is on any 70-200 zoom. All of them are much larger with lens hoods attached. Lens hoods for these zooms are big. Sony is no different.

For example, the lens hood on the Canon FD 80-200L makes up ~23% of the length went attached. The Canon EF 70-200 F4 lens hood makes up ~33% of the overall length.

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