With your 5D3 raw files, what's your lightroom develop workflow?

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Re: What is CC ?

billythek wrote:

"Yes, I am one of those suckers who fell for Adobe's insidious $10/month CC + LR deal. So far I like it."

Is it true that any files you save have to be saved to the CC (if that's how it's described) and if you stop paying your $10/month you can't open the files?

Where did you get that ridiculous idea? No. The application is run locally on your machine just like CS6. The is some storage on the cloud that you can use, but you don't have to.

The only requirement for internet is every 3 months the application needs to touch base with the license server.
- Bill

I read it on the internet.    Really, it wasn't something I spontaneously made up.

How about, if you indeed save them locally but stop paying (therefore don't have CS6) can you open the files in CS5?

Why wouldn't you have CS6 if you wanted it? CS6 is different than CC.

If you save files as JPG or TIFF you can open them with pretty much anything. Not sure if you would have problems with opening PSD files from CC in CS6. I suspect not, but I haven't tried. But I don't use PSD files in my flow.
- Bill

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