Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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I haven't purchased from Canon since I got my 5D3 at its introduction.

I have spent a small fortune on Sony and will spend another small fortune next week on an A7R and a full compliment of lenses.

Canon has a lot of work to do before I buy from them again.

Sorry but Canon's aim is not to keep up with sony because sony is a moving target. Creating too many products and not concentrating on solid product lines. Like their boondoggle "Q" cameras, they are ready to let their a-mount die and go completely mirrorless regardless if their customers want an OVF.

I would be happy if they would start with a sensor that can go head-to-head with the one in my RX1.

Basically all image sensors are equal if you aren't into lifting shadows by 6 stops or under exposing by 6 stops and brightening the image. It's only the gadget junkies on here that call Canon image sensors poor - and that's a tiny percentage of camera users!

I can guarentee you "dollars to donuts" the you have no experience with Sonys current crop of cameras.

Based upon the losses in the camera division at Sony, it would seem that few people have any experience with Sony's current cameras. I would be more concerned with Sony dropping out of the camera market than Canon responding to any Sony camera.

One has nothing to do with other now does it?

Of course, profits and viability in the market have MUCH to do with one another

Sony's losses and the popularity have nothing to do with one another. A basic business observation.

Sony camera division losses or profits will determine how long their board will bleed money in that division. A basic business observation.

The Sony FF mirrorless have been extremely popular and are selling quite well.

Do you have any numbers to back that up? If they have extremely popular cameras selling quite well at around $2000 a pop why are they losing so much money?

It is absurd to suggest that Sony's troubles are a function of their Mirrorless FF sales numbers (and that's what this discussion is about; not their p&S). In fact their new cameras are a highpoint in their sales. They are extremely popular and are selling quite well.

Once again you make this claim...where is the proof?

While it is possible that Sony could collaspse I would doubt it very, very, much. It is more likely that they would be bought or merge.

Sony will not fail.....they are profitable and have a lot of cash. The CAMERA DIVISION is bleeding money and has been for some time. Sony does have a history of deserting unprofitable products.

Well that is true but abandoning unprofitable products is understandable. Not good for the consumer necessarily but understandable.

It is totally understandable. That's why I would be worried if I were you.

If anything the fact that people are investing in the Alpha in spite of Sony's poor history gives you a measure of how good the new cameras are.

I will be investing close to $6,000.00 in my new Sony Alpha kit. I don't have 6K to spend because I am stupid. I have it because I am very smart and very capable and I have an interest in moving to the next level of IQ and "post-processability".

Good luck.

I could see a number of other companies folding before Sony.

The problem here is that only a handful of people shoot both companies and thus have a posteriori knowledge with regard to these comparisons.

Everybody else is either "internet learned" or a fanboy.

The simple truth is that anyone that works these files day-to-day will tell you that those coming out of the Sony FF cameras are on another plane.

You confuse quality with market success. The Betamax was vastly superior to VHS, but who won the market wars?

You are conflating seperate issues (again); that makes an intelligent discourse difficult…….

When you refuse to accept that quality of a product does not automatically equal sales success it makes discourse almost impossible.

That said; if it pleases individuals with emotional or economic attachments to Canon to hold and advance the notion that they are equal then that is fine by me…….

Canon is not equal...they dominate DSLR sales and profits and have for some time. Canon and Nikon are the only camera brands making money. All the others are on life support.

DSLR sales? Yes. But just over the horizon lies a "tipping point" that will see DSLR sales greatly diminish.

Money sales, profits, you know...the stuff that keeps you in business.

Sony's RX100, RX10, RX1s, and Alpha series are advancing the day that this point will arrive.

Advancing this point by losing money year after year? They say the Chicago Cubs will win the World Series any year now too.

If Canon does not have "the package" to dominate in this arena they will be in trouble.

¡Viva la Resolución!

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