a bit confused: practicality of DSLR vs non DSLR cameras

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Re: Question for everyone about JPEG image quality

jackdan wrote:

Yes the G11 and s110 have about the same amount of controls for JPEGs as my DSLR, but most we found are best left at their default neutral settings. Contrast and sharpness can be used to reduce the amount of processing that needs to be done and I can see where many people would be satisfied with the OOC JPEGs, if they use the settings to optimize the IQ of the OOC JPEGs to their taste. My wife would probably be shooting RAW, but she was processing JPEGs before RAW became popular and is perfectly content to keep doing what she is good at.

I find that it's not so easy to process RAW from my s95. Unless the light is really challenging I usually use the jpgs. The thing is the lens has so much distortion, and the camera does a great job correcting it. There is both geometric distortion and chromatic aberration. Both of them are variable with focal length. The camera does an awesome job of just getting rid of all of that. With RAW, I can use the lens correction that's built in, and it does OK with the geometric, but the chromatic takes effort every shot. Same thing with noise reduction. I understand that in theory it's best to apply it at the end of the process, but in practice, end up with better prints in most cases by letting the camera do it. Since I use RAW+JPG it is easy to compare results. About the only time I use the RAW files is when the exposure is wrong.

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