Full frame camera without going bankrupt?

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Full frame camera without going bankrupt?

How are you?
I need your advice and knowledge on a question.
I am considering getting back to photography.
I would like to pick a FF camera but without breaking the bank.
The used market is obviously the way to go here, since a new Nikon D600 body only will still cost over a thousand euros...
I really don't know what to go for here...
The cheaper FF camera is the canon 5D.
It can be had for around 400 and despite being several years old and not having the latest processors, video, high res, high ISO performance, I think it is something that with a good lens still delivers in the IQ department and if you take it slow and use it for portraits, landscape and still life (my kind of photography), it still delivers.

Next I saw the Sony A850.
From what I read, the sensor is great in resolution and detail, but not great at high ISO. Maybe on pair or a bit behind the 5D.
The Sony opens access to the excellent Zeiss AF lenses and can be seen as a more modern and faster camera then the 5D.
It can be had for about 600-700 euros.

Next there is the D700.
An excellent camera. Superb AF system, high ISO performance, but in order to get a nice one with a low shutter count, around 900 euros or more...
More than double the entry price of a 5D...

So, what is your take on this, and what would you do

Please advise.
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