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Odds and Ends

I did go to the river this week and there were a couple heron and many fishermen there but instead of sharing those pictures let me share some odds and ends of the last few days. All were taken with the E-30 and the ZD 70-300. This first is a Blue Jay sitting above me as I sat under a tree... 158mm; f/8@1/640; ISO 800

I do more than my share of “High-Key” shots, not on purpose so much but as as a result of living in the SE USA where there is water vapor in the air most of the year leading to hazy and thin clouded skies. They often, as here, provide a bright white sky which serves to effectively back-light flowers, dragonflies and birds that I frame above me or against the sky …. Several minutes after the Blue Jay left this red tailed hawk flew low over the tree I was standing under … I'm not sure how the E-30 managed to focus as well as it did on the hawk, I'm sure I was little help ….158mm; f/8@1/80; ISO 800,,,

At the Botanical Garden I found these sleeping ducks on a cool morning.... 263mm; f/8@1/640sec; ISO 400

and further on this sparrow was keeping warm as best he could in this Two-Winged Silverbell tree... 300mm; f/8@1/640sec; ISO400

The Heron may have made a better picture but these were more fun.... All comments and critiques are appreciated and thanks for spending this time here...

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