Using Photos of Strangers?

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Re: Using Photos of Strangers?

Lisetta, I have followed this thread since its inception. I'll add that it would behoove all photographers to study 'fair use' of imagery as well as 'creative use', intellectual property and copyright law basics. There is a wide gap of interpretation and attempting to sell a particular image which contains a questionable subject could end unfavorably for the photographer.

Outside of people photography, if you're using a cup, plate, vase or other copyrighted item in your photograph you must also obtain permission from the copyright holder. You can't sell an image of a flower arrangement tucked inside a vase designed and sold by a business without a release because that would infringe copyright of the vase. The flowers of course are exempt.

Even taking images of a person's pet [horse, cow, dog, cat] and attempting to sell the image can become dicey as it deals with 'personal property'.

Imagery taken in museums, street photography, billboards, and most zoos are generally unsellable without releases. Keep in mind that some buildings within the larger cities have been copyrighted and require a release. We have several in my area that apply.

When in question, it's best to confer with an attorney who practices in this area of law.

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