Do you think Canon will take on the A7?

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Re: Canon has the following problems to consider…...

NewForce wrote:

Dave Luttmann wrote:

NewForce wrote:

NeilSDPR wrote:

Firstly whilst we on hear are usually enthusiasts, there are an awful lot of folks who have now bought into another system, be it Fuji, Sony ,or M43

They have generally done so for lightweight/travel kit reasons

indeed I now own just two bodies, a 1DX, and an OMD1

So Canon is basically loosing sales to existing customers

This is further exasperated by Sigma starting to produce better and cheaper lenses which can compete with some L glass at the short end, and Tamron with the introduction of the 150-600which will surely have an impact on sales of not only the existing 100-400 But also any mark 2 if ever released

Every Sigma, Tamron,Tokina, Zeiss sale for a Canon dslr is a Canon sale lost, and I am not too confident that canon understands that, as a 50mm and 500 f5.6 are at least a decade overdue for replacement or introduction

The next bit of kit I buy from canon will most likely be the 7d replacement, so it may be some wait

Your observations quite wrong. I can tell basically there's some fall into "nobody and somebody syndrome". Well that's other story I'll not go into debate here.

Majority Canon users purchased and uses only original lenses. This is because most people have more confident on Canon IQ and trusted their lenses reliability as a whole camera system, even if they are more expensive. If they couldn't find their need within Canon offering, then only they look for 3rd party alternative.

Only minority enthusiast users buy into 3rd party lenses, when they look for better value for money, or special developed range lenses that Canon not offering.

oh really? Minority enthusiasts? My, you have alot to learn.

Same learning for you too.

Just in case you didn't know or ignore the facts on purpose, 90% and above lens sold in Canon system resale market was Canon original lenses. This is true facts at least in Asia.

Well the 3rd party lenses, even they go by thousands, think most will agree with me less than 10% they are consider minority. And let's not forget this less than 10% percentage is still to be divided into at least 3 third party lens brands.

That is because 99% of users buy the camera with a kit lens.

You used the term "minority enthusiast" ... As a derogatory term.  What you must mean is minority of users.  You seem to be equating sales figures with quality...which is ridiculous.  A Canon kit lens will sell thousands of times more units than a Zeiss Otus or Sigma Art prime.  Using your logic, the kits lens must be better.

As I said, you have a lot to learn.   It is not just enthusiasts buying third party lenses.  I've been shooting professionally for more than 2 decades and I am well aware of what enthusiasts and pros use.  It appears you are greatly out of your depth....time to check your ego.

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