Which system to get?

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Which system to get?


I am an 8 year Nikon shooter. Started with the D50, switched to the D90. Then last year I switched to the D7000 and had nothing but problems with it. The camera's focusing was inconsistent and two trips to Nikon did not help. They kept not seeing the problem and I saw nothing but. Most of my photos would routinely come out blurry or focused at the wrong spot.

Long story short, I sold the D7000. I have 3 Nikkor lenses and a Nikon flash that I can sell. I am now looking to start again. I am a little bit soured on Nikon but am still considering the D600.

Other than that, I am looking at Sony, Fuji, Oly, and Canon but not seeing any good options. The D600 can be had for around 1200-1300 used and looks like a very capable camera. Then there are the Canon 5D variants. I can get a Mk 1 used for 500-600. But it has no pop up flash and uses CF cards. It lacks video which is a "nice to have" too. But the lack of a pop up flash in the biggest deal breaker for me. 5d Mk 2 is more capable but has similar issues as the Mk 1 (except it does very good video). Mk 3 is more expensive. I want to stay within the 1200-1300 range.

Canon 6d doesn't have a pop up flash either but has GPS and Wifi built-in, which is nice. Also, Canon is supposed to do better skin tones than Nikon in straight jpegs. Since I shoot mostly people, that makes a difference. I do want to branch out to landscapes, waterfalls etc, so Nikon D600 wouldn't be bad either.

Fuji and Olympus look like they do excellent skin tones. But they seem to have abandoned the DSLR and are focusing on MFT cameras which don't look very exciting to me. The lack of an OVF and smaller APS-C sensors don't seem to excite me. But their smaller size is a very big draw.

However, the prices on the MFT cameras as well as the Sony cameras don't make for a very good buy. I can probably go full frame for the same amount of money. And I am more comfortable using a viewfinder and DSLR system.

OTOH, I am seriously considering a "downgrade" to a used Nikon D40 or a "side grade" to a used D90 -- which is my favorite camera of all times. That way I will just delay my upgrade until something exciting comes along, or the D610 falls in price, or Canon introduces something with popup flash.

Anything I am missing? Any other brands I should be considering? Other thoughts?

Thanks in advance.

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