Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

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Re: Why does the forum shoot the em-1 and not gx7?

I have to admit, having owned a Pana G3 and now the EM-1, I can't understand the claims of Panasonic having a superior menu system. I found the need to constantly dive into menus for changes, on the G3 to be a pain. It's possible to run the EM-1 almost entirely on controls, only rarely going into the menu system. About the only mirror less camera that beats it in that area is the XT-1, which is harder to run with the camera up to the eye. (it is much easier to just look at and know settings, however, and very tempting) I think the EM-1 might be a more familiar to older, film camera users, and the Panasonics more familiar to those used to digita,l and point and shoot users. Us old guys talk about it more, as we're adapting to new technology, and have to relate it to the old and/or toss out old ideas.

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